An Unbiased View Of Social Media Likes

Ever imagined what would happen if you were to sit daily and start liking everything that you came across on your Facebook or Instagram feed? Well, you would be surprised to see a rise in the number of followers and also maybe more invites to parties. Who knows people may even start recognizing you on the streets because of they know you now. You will have a fan following for sure of people who are desperate that someone like their posts and feeds.

The comments and likes on social media are actually unimportant and baseless but the truth is that they matter a lot. These have some power to tap into some key elements Like anxieties, addictions, and joys.

Understand the psychology that social media has to offer and this can be used to bring together customers. This can be done by giving them what they want and also build better relationships with them.

All real fans of social media understand the biology of social media first.

Dopamine and oxytocin

Social media has the pull and there is no denying that. Blame the two chemicals in our brains namely dopamine and oxytocin for this.


Dopamine is a chemical produced in the brain that gives pleasure. But with social media, we know that it creates what exactly it wants. Dopamine lets us seek, it lets our desire and it lets us search.

It gets stimulated by little information and by unpredictability. It also needs rewards and this is what the condition of social media is.

The dopamine pull is actually very strong and believes studies that have proven that it is stronger than alcohol and cigarettes.


The cuddle chemical is released when you hug or kiss. Just tweet and the levels can increase to almost 13%, something that couples experience on their wedding day. It has loads of goodwill. It lowers the level of stress and makes you feel loved.

Social media thus not only has a lot of feeling involved but it is actually very hard to stop wanting more of it.