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Text to Speech

The text to speech feature allows your ereader to read written text aloud. This reading aloud option is ideal for those who are visually impaired, have special needs, or simply do not want to pay the extra money for audio books. Most high quality ebook readers with a text to speech option indicate the position in the text as it is being read aloud, as well as placing proper emphasis on phonetics and including pitch changes while reading. Many text to speech functions have options to adjust the reading speed, or have menus read aloud to the reader. Some ereaders on the market allow you to select from preset voices for reading.


The main drawback to a text to speech program, however, is that they are a synthesized voice, meaning that the reading is of lower quality than an audio book. As well, text to speech programs do a poor job with names, foreign languages, and rarely used words.


Advantages: reads aloud text, great for visually impaired and those with special needs, voice selection, follow along with text, adjust reading speed


Disadvantages: synthesized speech, not the quality of audio books